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Wing Chun Full Immersion Monthly Subscription

Included in your subscription:

  • Level 1 - Sil Lim Tao
  • Level 2 - Chum Kil
  • Level 3 - Bil Tze
  • Level 4 - Wooden Dummy
  • Level 5 - 6½ Point Pole
  • Level 6 - Butterfly Swords - Ba Jaam Doo
  • Hsing Yi / Yi Quan
  • Hakka Fist
  • Long Fist
  • Free Ebooks
  • Meditation - Chi Kung (Qi Gong)
  • Heavy Bag Solo Training
  • Self-Defensive Techniques
  • Kung Fu Community Access
  • Bonuses Classes based on Students Requests
  • and much more...

Lessons are released once per week to ensure an effective progression through all the different Wing Chun concepts and also to strengthen your martial arts skills developing both mind and body.

What our students are saying

I believe this is the best course and instructor you can get. Anyone wanting to learn Wing Chun this is where to go. Just canceled the course I was taking going to stay with this one.


The content is great and the instruction is better than what I have received in live classes. I have studied Wing Chun & Jeet Kun Do for a few years and watching your videos has helped me correct things I have missed even with a Sifu in the room

Nicholas N.

I have some (Martial Arts) background and you have made me re-examine how I look at and break down technique. What surprised me most was the shear scope. Seriously, in my humble opinion, it's just fantastic.

Richard D

The training program is great. Tons of materials to work with. Chan Sifu explains everything in great detail. I love how he shows techniques from other martial arts to enhance what we are learning

Bernard C.

WING CHUN WORKS!!! It’s just a matter of consistent practice. I'm really surprised a lot of ppl haven’t figured this out. A lot of the Wing Chun is very linear and as you would put it ‘holding shapes.’ I can't speak for everyone else, but flow drills help me to be less rigid and formless. Thank you so much Sifu Adam for your contributions and Chris for helping to get this information out.


Adam's teaching of Wing Chun and understanding is phenomenal. Thank you!


Your course is the best out there. In my humble opinion. Your content really is the best of the best for me. A true wealth of information that has helped me grow as a martial artist and as a teacher.