Individual Courses

Step-by-step Wing Chun online courses, specializing in solo training. Purchase access to a specific course below.



Learn very detailed information about the purpose, combat applications, mechanics and energetics behind every single movement.


Learn where and how to apply each move in fight situations and how to adapt Wing Chun techniques to your body type and against different opponents' body types and sizes.


Learn how to effectively and efficiently train by yourself. This process is based on scientific principles of stimulus and response training.


BONUS - Learn alternative applications from Non Hong Kong Red Boat Wing Chun


Periodic live webinars with Adam to answer student questions and present or explain concepts.


Join a community of students, instructors and practitioners like yourself.

Lesson Format

Each lesson has a minimum of 4 videos: Introduction to Concepts, Demo And Applications, Solo Training Session and Wrap Up And Homework.

Wing Chun Level 1 - Sil Lim Tau  "The Foundation"

Level 1 is all about the Sil Lim Tau form. This form is is very precise in it's shapes and movements and will introduce you to the CORE Wing Chun Principles.

Course Length: 40 video lessons (1 per week)


Wing Chun Level 2 - Chum Kil "The Bridge" Form

Movement and coordination dictate the approach of this second Wing Chun form. Developing the ability to move the body from and towards the centerline is the main objective of this form

Course Length: 40 video lessons (1 per week)


Wing Chun Level 3 - Bil Tze "The Art of The Thrusting Fingers"

Bil Tze is the emergency form of Wing Chun - what to do when things go bad. As Master Wong Shun Leung (RIP) has said "it is a situation when you have no chance of winning but Bil Tze shows you what to do to cut your losses"

Course Length: 35 video lessons (1 per week)


Coming Soon

Some Wing Chun Levels are not yet available for individual purchase.

Level 4 - Wooden Dummy (Mook Yen Jong)
Not yet available...
Level 5 - Lok Dim Boon Kwan (6 ½ Point Pole)
Not yet available...
Level 6 - Ba Jaam Do (Butterfly Swords)
Not yet available...

What our students are saying

Students that have their training impacted by Sifu Adam Chan's methodology. 

“Your course is the best out there. In my humble opinion. Your content really is the best of the best for me. A true wealth of information that has helped me grow as a martial artist and as a teacher.”


“Please continue to focus on the practicality aspect of the training. I love how Adam synthesizes different branches of WC and even some non-WC techniques; this is so amazing and so different from other schools. ”


“Adam's teaching of Wing Chun and understanding is phenomenal. Thank you!”


"I saw Adam on YouTube and knew he was a legit fighter just from the way he moved. Wanted to learn that immediately."



“Over the years though I have become very picky what I spend my money on. After finding Sifu Chan's youtube channel I was quickly convinced that his material would be worth the time money and effort. ”


“I am very impressed and happy to have joined the training program.”


I'm 75 and plan to accomplish a great deal about Wing Chun in 2-3 years. I have been training since July of 2021 and I feel part of Sifu Adams home-based group. Sifu Adam and staff are awesome!




WING CHUN WORKS!!! It’s just a matter of consistent practice. I'm really surprised a lot of ppl haven’t figured this out. A lot of the Wing Chun is very linear and as you would put it ‘holding shapes.’ I can't speak for everyone else, but flow drills help me to be less rigid and formless. Thank you so much Sifu Adam for your contributions and Chris for helping to get this information out.


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