Finding a expert teacher who can effectively explain martial arts techniques and principles can be very challenging. We have your back!

How will this program enhance my Wing Chun skills?

  • Learn how to train by yourself using scientifically proven training methods.
  • Learn how to adjust your Kung Fu for self defense situations.
  • Get advanced knowledge and save MANY years of training and research into the purpose and applications of Wing Chun, that's unheard of!
  • Learn authentic Wing Chun based on multiple lineages: Hong Kong Yip Man Lineage, Moy Yat Lineage and Non-Hong Kong Mainland .
  • Understand the why/how/when of every movement  even if you've training for many years, avoiding and fixing common mistakes
  • Become a much better teacher with advanced knowledge of applications and technique variations

How can you effectively train by yourself?

Training by yourself is very effective when applying the scientifically proven method of stimulus/response training. Below are just 2 of many sources of literature that explain the fundamentals of this method:

science source 1  | science source 2  | science source 3

I have followed Sifu Adam's teaching for probably about a year now, and it helped me loads in a variety of ways. But this week I had, for the first time in many years, a chance to train and also spar with a bunch of martial artists. It was a bit of a pressure test for me. I had no idea if all the online instruction, and the hours of solo training, would have any impact at all when faced with trained sparring partners.

I imagine I'm not the only one who embarked on the online journey worried about how much difference it really makes when facing opponents, even in a sparring situation with protective gear on.

I'm delighted to share with anyone who needs to hear it that my (online) training completely changed the way I move, in ways that benefited my game massively.

Not because of any techniques or tricks, but because of the principles I'm becoming familiar with, such as directness, moving forward, trying to dictate rather than respond... I moved differently, stayed calmer, and had no anxiety whatsoever during sparring. Most important, in the past, I often got angry during sparring, this is also completely gone.

I'm sharing because, for me, it confirmed that online training works, if delivered by teachers as dedicated and competent as Adam and his team. To anyone questioning the value of online training, as I did in my ignorance before starting this, I would say you definitely get out what you put in.

Peace and Respect Martin Giebner (student)

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Train from anywhere and at any time.



The Complete Hong Kong Wing Chun System based on Grandmaster Yip Man's Wing Chun. You start with Level 1 and go all the way to Level 6.

Sil Lim Tau  "The Little Idea"

The first form is considered the foundation of Wing Chun. It is very precise in it's shapes and movements.

Course Length: 40 video lessons

Chum Kil "The Bridge"

Movement and coordination dictate the approach of this second Wing Chun form. Developing the ability to move the body from and towards the centerline is the main objective.

Course Length: 40 video lessons 

Bil Gee "The Art of The Thrusting Fingers"

Bil Tze is the emergency form of Wing Chun - what to do when things go bad. As Master Wong Shun Leung (RIP) has said "when you have no chance of winning, Bil Gee gives you a chance to survive"

Course Length: 32 video lessons

Wooden Dummy "Mook Yen Jong"

The Wooden Dummy Form is mainly about recovering from mistakes and building power and conditioning.


Lok Dim Boon Kwan "6 ½ Point Pole"

The Long Pole is a very important form. It is a very long single-ended weapon which amplifies the ability to do "One arm Wing Chun", therefore, it increases one's ability when going back to using two arms in empty hands.

Ba Jaam Do "Butterfly Knives"

The last form of Wing Chun. It is often quoted in Martial Arts that weapons are merely an extension of the empty hands but weapons training also have parts that are different than empty hands and require adjustments for this uniqueness



Our lessons are released once a week. On the day you sign up you will have access to Level 1 - Lesson 1 of the course. Every week after that you will be given access to a new lesson until the end of Level 6.

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FULLY UNLOCKED instant access to all the lessons for each Level, early access courses, and exclusive addons.



The full Wing Chun system Levels 1 to 6 plus INSTANT ACCESS to $2500 worth of additional martial arts content, included for FREE.




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"I actually stopped doing the Wing Chun forms many years ago, because I felt they had no direct value when it came to fighting. Adam Chan's online training has rekindled my interest in doing them again. Adam Chan has a wealth of knowledge about Wing Chun. The theory, training methods and combat applications he derives from the forms, by far exceeds my previous experiences with the system. Whether you are a seasoned Wing Chun instructor or a rookie, you will gain a lot of understanding from his online training. The weekly lessons are very well presented and easy to follow. As part of the online program. It's also possible to ask questions in the online community. Thanks to Adam Chan I'm back on the track and the Wing Chun forms are now again a part of my daily training."

- Andy K. (student)