Wing Chun Full Immersion

Train adjusting traditional Kung Fu for modern-day situations.

This is a progressive training program designed to explain the movements and concepts of Wing Chun in great detail.

The training methodology is designed based both on sports science and internal energy focussed to give you an edge.

Our Wing Chun training curriculum will cover both Traditional Hong Kong - Grandmaster Yip Man's Wing Chun Lineage and NON-HongKong - Mainland China lineages.


More than 410 video lessons
  • Wing Chun First Form - Sil Lim Tao - Form & COMBAT APPLICATION
  • Wing Chun Second Form - Chum Kil - Form & COMBAT APPLICATION
  • Wing Chun Third Form - Bil Tze - Form & COMBAT APPLICATION
  • Wooden Dummy solo training
  • 6½ Point Pole
  • Butterfly Swords - Ba Jaam Doo
  • Kung Fu Community Access - For all Wing Chun practitioners to connect to each other and talk to me directly.

+++ PLUS +++

  • Live Webinar Classes access FREE
  • Free ebooks
  • Meditation - Chi Kung (Qi Gong)
  • Ambush Situations Training
  • Self-Defensive Techniques
  • Heavy Bag Solo Training
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Multiple Opponent Scenario
  • Long Fist (non-Hong Kong Style)
  • Hakka Fist (non-Hong Kong Style)
  • Snake Sticking (non-Hong Kong Style)
  • Machete work (non-Hong Kong Style)
  • Cane work (non-Hong Kong Style)
  • Stick Work (non-Hong Kong Style)
  • Chin Na (non-Hong Kong Style)
  • Non-classical Gung Fu instructions
  • Training program emphasized on combat against different opponents' body types and sizes
  • Bonus Classes based on Students Requests
  • And much more!!!
$67 Monthly
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What our students are saying

Students that have their training impacted by Sifu Adam Chan's methodology. 

"I saw Adam on YouTube and knew he was a legit fighter just from the way he moved. Wanted to learn that immediately."



“Over the years though I have become very picky what I spend my money on. After finding Sifu Chan's youtube channel I was quickly convinced that his material would be worth the time money and effort. ”


“I am very impressed and happy to have joined the training program.”


I'm 75 and plan to accomplish a great deal about Wing Chun in 2-3 years. I have been training since July of 2021 and I feel part of Sifu Adams home-based group. Sifu Adam and staff are awesome!



WING CHUN WORKS!!! It’s just a matter of consistent practice. I'm really surprised a lot of ppl haven’t figured this out. A lot of the Wing Chun is very linear and as you would put it ‘holding shapes.’ I can't speak for everyone else, but flow drills help me to be less rigid and formless. Thank you so much Sifu Adam for your contributions and Chris for helping to get this information out.


“Your course is the best out there. In my humble opinion. Your content really is the best of the best for me. A true wealth of information that has helped me grow as a martial artist and as a teacher.”




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