Wing Chun has an arsenal of kicks - cross-kick, front kick, side kick are the main ones, all other kicks are variations of these main kicks. The reason is, just like the hand strikes, in order to follow the directness principle, the strikes use mainly straight as possible attacks. Therefore, the kicks are the same idea, to go as directly as possible and hence the 3 main kicks.
Here are some of the basic uniqueness of Wing Chun kicks:
1 - All the kicks of Wing Chun are 90% used below the waist to insure, balance, quick hand follow-ups, and shorten the distance, resulting in much faster kicks; 
2 - All Wing Chun kicks are designed to work with the conjunction of the hands' techniques at the same time, ie Pac Sau, Lap Sau, Tan Sau Bong Sau, Bil Sau, etc. By doing this, the kicks are almost guaranteed to score since the opponents' attention will be on our hands, and will be difficult to see the kick coming;
3 - All the kicks of Wing Chun does NOT use a pull-back chambering action. Just like a Wing Chun punch from the hand-down position, it goes directly to the target without any pull-back chambering motion. This decreases and minimizes telegraphs, ensuring a higher chance of scoring;  
4 - Because there is no whine-up or pull-back chambering motion, Wing Chun kicks will need a different method of generating power. One of the main ideas is to use the concept of falling into the opponent while we are kicking, unlike other MA, the kickers' body weight is not on the supporting leg, but rather falling on the opponent;
5 - The goal of the kicks, is done in medium-range as a bridge to hand strikes. Even though the kicks definitely have the potential to finish the fight by themselves, the concept of flow in Wing Chun trains the student to go from kicks to hand strikes in one flow. This is especially useful later when the Wing Chun knives are introduced.
These are some of the basic introductory ideas in Chum Kil for kicking. If you would like to know more about these advanced Wing Chun kicking tips, drop me an e-mail at [email protected] so I can know that you're interested in this subject.
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