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How will this program enhance my martial arts skills?

  • Learn how to train by yourself using scientifically proven training methods.
  • Learn how to adjust your Kung Fu for self defense situations.
  • Get advanced knowledge and save MANY years of training and research into the purpose and applications of Wing Chun, that's unheard of!
  • Learn authentic Wing Chun based on multiple lineages: Hong Kong Yip Man Lineage, Moy Yat Lineage and Non-Hong Kong Mainland .
  • Understand the why/how/when of every movement  even if you've training for many years, avoiding and fixing common mistakes
  • Become a much better teacher with advanced knowledge of applications and technique variations
  • Learn other Gung Fu systems to enhance your Wing Chun applications and power generation such as long power, short power, shocking power
  • Learn internal martial arts systems to maintain longevity and martial skill while increasing attributes such as power and sensitivity.
  • Learn Chi Gung meditation for better health for long term benefits.

How can you effectively train by yourself?

Training by yourself is very effective when applying the scientifically proven method of stimulus/response training. Below are just 2 of many sources of literature that explain the fundamentals of this method:

science source 1  |  science source 2

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Train from anywhere and at any time.

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The Complete Hong Kong Wing Chun System

Based on Grandmaster Yip Man's Wing Chun.

  • Level 1 - Sil Lim Tao
  • Level 2 - Chum Kil
  • Level 3 - Bil Gee
  • Level 4 - Mook Yen Jong - Wooden Dummy
  • Level 5 - Lok Dim Boon Kwan (6 ½ Point Pole)
  • Level 6 - Ba Jaam Do (Butterfly Swords)

BONUS: The Complete CORE 13 Self Defence Program

This series is about your adjusting Martial Arts to fit into modern self defense scenarios and covers different tactics for different body types.

  • Part 1 : Power Punching
  • Part 2 : Power Kicking
  • Part 3 : Preemptive Punch
  • Part 4 : Preemptive Kick
  • Part 5 : Counter Punching
  • Part 6 : Counter Restraints
  • Part 7 : Counter Tackle
  • Part 8 : Counter Kicking
  • Part 9 : Covers And Shields
  • Part 10 : Arm Barriers
  • Part 11 : Parries and Redirections
  • Part 12 : Multiple Attackers
  • Part 13 : Against Ambush

BONUS: Long Fist Kung Fu

Recommended for Wing Chun Level 1 students to build powerful striking abilities.

BONUS: Hsing Yi / Yi Quan

Recommended for Wing Chun Level 1 students. Hsing Yi allows you to learn angles and tactics to enhance the power of your Gung Fu basics instantly !

BONUS: Hakka Fist

Recommended for Wing Chun Level 2 students. Specilizes in ALL DIRECTIONAL SHORT shocking power to enhance any close range system of combat.

BONUS: Attacking - Closing And Entering

Recommended for Wing Chun Level 2 students and teachers. Useful for realistic combat scenarios and utilizes some elements from NCGF (from Jesse Glover RIP , Bruce Lee's first student).

BONUS: Defense Against Takedowns

Recommended for Wing Chun Level 1 students. Learn counters against common takedowns in street fights and self defense situations. Methods are taught using concepts of blending and leverage marking it ideal for smaller or older practitioners.

BONUS: Self Defence Against Common Attacks

Recommended for Wing Chun Level 2 students. Learn to deal with common street attacks. The themes in this series are : simplicity, easy learning, directness with no fancy movements. Hsing Yi and Hakka methods are also taught in this course.

BONUS: Joint Locks

In Wing Chun we mostly strike and knock out people. Sometimes, there are people we do not want to hurt or strike ie family members, cilents, patients etc. Using Chin Na we learn to control others without hurting them.

BONUS: Qi Gong Meditation

One the most important skill set that you can learn. This series teaches standing Chi Gung meditation for  general health.

BONUS: Wing Chun Forms, Blocks and Trapping

Recommended for all Wing Chun students.This is a vintage collection of Wing Chun mini courses designed to augment your training. Sil Lim Tau and Chum Kil, Long Pole, Trapping and Various blocks.

BONUS: Heavy Bag Training

Recommended for Wing Chun Level 2 students. Learn power punching on a heavy bag with elements from boxing, Non Classical Gung Fu, Yi Quan and Wing Chun combined.

BONUS: "Ask Your Sifu" Series

Recommended for students and teachers of Wing Chun. This series is based on the questions asked by online students. Useful for the students and very important for those who want to develop effective teaching ability.

BONUS: EBooks Library

The Kung Fu Library. This is a collection of all the eBooks written by Sifu Adam for various martial arts topics.

  • Sil Lim Tau - Ebook
  • Path Of A Warrior - Climbing Mountains And Eating Punches
  • The Different Elements of Fitness
  • How to Enhance your Attributes
  • Deadly Mistakes: Do Martial Arts Work in real-life situations?

To ensure an effective progression through each course, we will send you one lesson per week (approx. 40 minutes per lesson). Each lesson is very carefully crafted by Sifu Adam Chan to build upon the previous one, allowing you to develop your skills gradually. Upon completion of Level 1, you will automatically unlock Level 2, followed by Level 3 and beyond.

ALL The extra bonus courses are fully unlocked and instantly available.


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"I actually stopped doing the Wing Chun forms many years ago, because I felt they had no direct value when it came to fighting. Adam Chan's online training has rekindled my interest in doing them again. Adam Chan has a wealth of knowledge about Wing Chun. The theory, training methods and combat applications he derives from the forms, by far exceeds my previous experiences with the system. Whether you are a seasoned Wing Chun instructor or a rookie, you will gain a lot of understanding from his online training. The weekly lessons are very well presented and easy to follow. As part of the online program. It's also possible to ask questions in the online community. Thanks to Adam Chan I'm back on the track and the Wing Chun forms are now again a part of my daily training."

- Andy K. (student)