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Meet Sifu Adam Chan

Adam Chan is a martial artist with over 30 years of experience.

He started studying Wing Chun in 1986 under Sifu Joeseph Boychuck (Moy Yat Lineage) and learned from other combative styles such as Gung Fu and Yi Quan.

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Sifu Mike Smith

Northern Shaolin, Yi Quan/Natural Gate Boxing, Tai Chi, Bakua and Hsing Yi

Of all of the hundreds of people I have trained in my life as a teacher of applied combat skills, Adam has excelled beyond anyone. If either of us was concerned about lineages and stuff it would be all on you.

Jesse R. Glover

Founder of Non-Classical Gung-Fu and Bruce Lee's first student

Adam has incredible speed and power. The only problem I see with his stuff is that it is too much like Bruce in that: "How are people going to be able to do this without Adam's physicality? If he could help people get his ability to move fundamentally it would be a revolutionary thing."

Master Steve Smith

Leader of Fook Yeung Chuan Kung Fu

There are very few people in the world who I am willing to recommend and Adam Chan is on the short list of that short List. His skill in personal self defense, traditional and non traditional martial arts is exceptional.

Pierre Hartmann

Instructor of Jesse Glover's Non-Classical Gung Fu

Adam's ability in martial arts is awesome. I am impressed with his accuracy, speed, and direct moves. But especially his skill in efficiency for his size. It seems his personal style fits perfectly for his body type. Keep it up! you already got great skill.

Tommy Carruthers

Board Member of the Bruce Lee Foundation

Adam Chan is a very capable and skillful martial artist whom I respect immensely. Anybody attending his class would benefit greatly from this experience. Don't pass this opportunity to do something positive with your life.

Lamar M. Davis II

Founder of Hardcore Jeet Kune Do

I highly recommend Adam Chan and his teaching materials to anyone interested in learning serious self-defense! Adam is a great instructor and can not only teach it but also DO IT! His approach is very similar to Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.

Ian Sinclair

Hsing I, Ba Gua, Tai Chi Instructor, 9X Push Hands International Champion

ONE OF THE GREAT MARTIAL ARTISTS OF HIS GENERATION! This is one of those guys who has trained and researched 10 hours per day for twenty years and continues to evolve.? His material is concise, effective, and applicable to every style.

Jeff Meadows

Reality Based Self Defence Instructor 20 years experience

Adam Chan is very good martial artist this is apparent to expert and novice alike. Over the many years that I have studied the arts I have trained with many teachers. So with a qualified voice I can say that Adam is rare and is the type of teacher I seek. The qualities I look for is are a genuine interest in there students both in and out of the training hall. A teacher that continues to learn and grow on there own. After all if they dont how will the continue to teach you? A teacher that ask themselves the hard questions and find the answer then help you to find the question. One that is not bound by tradition but bound by the truth. Adam is all these things and more. I have every confidence that he will be one of the greats in our generation of artist. If you have a chance to learn with Adam seize the chance and consider yourself blessed.


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