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Meet Sifu Adam Chan

Adam Chan is a martial artist with over 30 years of experience.

He started studying Wing Chun in 1986 under Sifu Joeseph Boychuck (Moy Yat Lineage) and learned from other combative styles such as Gung Fu and Yi Quan.

Through pragmatic research, he developed his own methodology, focused on applying Martial Arts effectively against criminal assaults in today’s world.



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What Other Teachers Say About Adam

"Adam Chan is a very capable and skillfull martial artist whom I respect immensely. Anybody attending his class would benefit greatly from this experience. Don’t pass this opportunity to do something positive with your life."

Tommy Carruthers

Board Member of the Bruce Lee Foundation

"There are very few people in the world who I am willing to recommend and Adam Chan is on the short list of that short List. His skill in personal self defense, traditional and non traditional martial arts is exceptional."

Master Steve Smith

Leader of Fook Yeung Chuan Kung Fu

"I highly recommend Adam Chan and his teaching materials to anyone interested in learning serious self-defense! Adam is a great instructor and can not only teach it but also DO IT! His approach is very similar to Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do."

Lamar M. Davis II

Founder of Hardcore Jeet Kune Do


Train without a partner

Perfect for:

Experienced martial artists who want to expand their existing Wing Chun skills
Experienced or new martial artists who need an effective online methodology for solo training
New practitioner who just starting in Wing Chun and want to start with an effective strategy
Martial Artists who want detailed, clear lessons with an effective progression path

Student Testimonials

"The content is great and the instruction is better than what I have received in live classes. I have studied Wing Chun & Jeet Kun Do for a few years and watching your videos has helped me correct things I have missed even with a sifu in the room."

Nicholas N.

"Honestly, I don’t know how you could improve it. I have some background and you have made me re-examine how I look at and break down technique. What surprised me most was the shear scope. Seriously, in my humble opinion, it's just fantastic."

Richard D.

"Your course is the best out there. In my humble opinion. Your content really is the best of the best for me. A true wealth of information has helped me grow as a martial artist and as a teacher."

Gabriel S.

Adam Chan E-Books

Our online ebook library contains ebooks written by Sifu Adam Chan about various martial arts topics, fitness and philosophy, available for instant download.

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