The Chum Kil form introduces a recovery concept against an ambush attack using the Bong Sau. You will definitely learn it in the second section of the form. I must admit that this is one of the most misunderstood parts of the entire Chum Kil form.  In the form,  the hands are drop-down and then raise up in a Bong Sau position, this repeats 3 times in the form.  Very often people take this as a way to train Bong Sau as a chosen response to block a punching attack.
Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  1.  The Bong Sau in this context of the form is NOT  a chosen response against a punching attack because given a choice, our hands would not be down and we can use a much more direct response against a punching attack such as a Pac Sau , Wu Sau , Fook Sau. Bong Sau is by its nature a slower weaker "block" than the other hands of Wing Chun so why would we ever choose to use it as a first response? The reason is that the context is NOT a choice, it is in the context of a surprise, an ambush, so the Bong Sau is to capitalize on the natural flinch response!
  2. When we are not ready, in the context of an ambush,  the hands are down, our elbow is A LOT closer to the high line than our hands. Hence, raising the Bong Sau is A lot faster than trying to use our hands to block when our hands are low. 
  3. Because it is low to high quick flinching, surprise recovery movement, the type of energy trained is very very important. Too hard and the oncoming punch can easily overpower our structure and off-balance us; too soft and he can crash right through our arms. The correct reliable force is to use a throwing type of force, NOT a pushing or hard "blocking" type of force.
  4. The counterattack from Bong Sau should never be drilled as a fixed pattern. Rather, it is adaptive, the counter use completely depends  on the distance to ensure the principle of maximum directness. If he's far, we would use the Bong Sau roll overextended hand, if he is closer, we can use our Wu Sau rear hand ( shorter reach) if he is really far we can naturally use our kicks. 
These elements of the Bong Sau in the form are largely unknown. Lastly, it is only a concept, in reality, this idea can and must be use with other hands of Wing Chun , since there are many different angles of attack during an ambush...
If you would like to understand how to learn and apply the concepts and essence of Chum Kil and how to use it, train it in a progressive attainable manner, please check out our level 2 Chum Kil course at

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