What's your concept of training?

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What's your concept of training?

In the second episode of my audio series, I'd like to bring up the idea of meaning for your training. Hold on with me and let's discuss it.

Training sometimes gets us to do work on something that we actually do not like. When you are training Martial Arts or Wing Chun or any style, there will have things you like training and other things that you don't like training. That is common to all of us. But, I would like to share with you in this article, some ideas that will make you think about the consistency and the meaning of your training and how to bring more value and quality to your training mindset.

If you are interested in training concepts and tips, I've developed a 4 week Wing Chun training schedule focused on giving some direction in your first weeks of training. You can download it over this link: https://www.adamchankungfu.com/training-planner

Adam Chan

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