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Be Subtle, don't allow your intentions to trigger others - Kung Fu Report #227


Frequently in our lives, we will go through situations where we might be pushed off of our limits. And sometimes we might be pushing someone else off of the limits too. Taking control of our emotions and reactions is as important as knowing how not to trigger someone else's over their bounds. In today's Kung Fu Report we will discuss how to emotionally take control of a sensitive situation.


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SOLO TRAINING is next level of training - KFR #195


Great figures in martial arts history were solo trainers. They all had similarities in their way of learning. In today's Kung Fu Report we will discuss the concepts on why, how, and when to train solo.

I'd like to invite you to pay a visit to my website and take a free class and join me on one of my Wing Chun Training Programs so you can go deeper on this and many other Kung Fu & Wing Chun...

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Solo Training

Adam Chan Kung Fu & Wing Chun
Solo Training

Hey everyone, 

Christmas time is coming and most schools are on break and will be back only by next year.

That reminds me that a lot of Martial Arts practitioners and especially Wing Chun lovers won't have partners to train with. What kind of breaks the progression train purpose. 

You might not know but I've been in the same situation, where years ago I moved abroad and could not find...

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