NON CLASSICAL TECHNIQUE for a Bong Sau & Lap Sau connection - Kung Fu Report #183



When speed is not enough to reach your opponent, you get to find a way to cross his defensive lines. When opponent reads your move by sensing it, it might cause you some disadvantage and I have identified it as a big problem for part of my students.

In today's Kung Fu Report I'm going to teach you a NON CLASSICAL TECHNIQUE that will be very handy for you. This technique will help you to get over your opponent's defense and attack from a different angle by using some of the concepts we learned in the episode #179  👉

I'd like to invite you to pay a visit to my website and take a free class and join me on one of my Wing Chun Training Programs so you can go deeper on this and many other Kung Fu & Wing Chun advanced techniques.👇

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The Kung Fu Report is a free series about the process of adjusting Traditional Kung Fu for modern-day situations. All the Wing Chun principles and fundamentals are detailed explained. ALL fighting concepts are demonstrated honestly: NOTHING is rehearsed or edited - so nothing is fake. Topics are based on the questions that the fans send us. So send us your questions.


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