Wing Chun Kicks part 2

The Chum Kil form is great. Like all the Wing Chun forms, they contain essential concepts and principles and not literal techniques. Today we will talk about some of the major Wing Chun Kicking concepts that are not obvious in the form of kicking:  
  1. Multiple kicks with one leg- whenever possible, Wing Chun does not like to waste motion. So it is more direct and economical if we kick multiple targets with the same leg. For example, after a front stomp to the groin, instead of putting our kicking leg back down on the ground, it is good to stomp and attack his knee with our same kicking leg. This obviously causes more damage than just kicking one target but it requires other variables to consider - mainly we have to consider the nature of our knee joint/muscles and the weight distribution.                                               
  2. Our knee joint/muscles- In order to do multiple kicks with one single leg motion. We have to keep our knee joint and surrounding muscles as relax as possible. If there is any unnecessary tension, our kick to the 2nd or 3rd target will lack the whip-like snapping power.                                                                                                    
  3. Weight distribution - In order to do multiple target kicking, it is important to note that the falling motion which increases power should only be done with the last kick in the combo. If you fall on the first kick, you will naturally touch the ground with your feet and will not be able to execute the 2nd kick on the way down. This is obvious but it is also a very common mistake.                                                              
  4. Whenever possible, we should be dictating rather than reacting to the opponents' motions. Hence, whenever we do multiple target kicks, we want to study them in a way, that we know how each previous kick would create a specific movement/reaction in the opponent.                                                                                
  5. We should be able to do single or multiple targets kicking with or without the aid of our hands touching his arm. Kicking without " holding on" sorta speak. Whenever the opponent's attack is off-center with wide motion, there is no need to "block", it is possible to just intercept with a proper kick without arm contact. The study of timing is critical to make this work.
As you can see the study of Wing Chun kicks is much more than just the learning of
techniques and my Wing Chun Level 2 training program is based on the Chum Kil techniques, as the one explained in this article. If you are a Wing Chun lover or enthusiastic pay a visit to my website and you will have plenty of extra content to follow.



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