Adjusting traditional Kung Fu for modern-day situations.

Preventive Measure

Prevent is better than cure. Whenever we're attacked by any technique (ie Pac Sau, Lap Sau, Jum Sau, etc), we must prevent the next attack from launching instead of waiting for it to happen and then dealing with it. Sometimes we do this prevention simply by hitting, sometimes the moment does not allow just hitting so we can use checking ( ie. pushing, pulling his arm, chest, hips, etc); there...

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Moderation is the key!

self balance wing chun Jun 30, 2021

We all know that moderation is the key, everyone knows balance is necessary but why is it so hard to do?


A big part of anxiety and depression is a sense of meaninglessness. And, as the myth of the holy grail suggests, the hero's journey (the key to meaning, expressed in a million myths around the world) is a matter of gaining one’s power (symbolized by the grail) and then to...

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Wing Chun Alignment

wing chun Jun 23, 2021

The common concept of being able to hold someone's weight and setting a good structure in Wing Chun is to use strong shapes and line up the bones in the body from the ground to the arm bridge.

This concept of alignment is good and very effective and popular. It is also a universal concept in all Kung Fu systems, not just Wing Chun, and each system expresses this concept differently.

However, in...

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